The demo programs illustrate various features of Open Inventor and its extensions (MeshViz, VolumeViz, etc.). Source code for these demos, as well as for hundreds of other example programs, can be found in the src directory. The example programs, including the demos, are a valuable source of information and cover almost every significant feature of the Open Inventor SDK. You can use them as a starting point for generating your own applications.

On Windows, some of the demos described here are supplied prebuilt, ready to run from the Open Inventor program group.

The path to the source code for each demo program is listed.The executable program are located in $OIVHOME/$OIVARCH/Demos/< Modules >.

Since Open Inventor 8.1 version All demos project (vcproj on Windows and Makefiles on UNIX) must be generated with CMAKE by user.

Installation instructions, on how to use CMAKE and generate project for all examples and demos can be found in the section Build Instructions (with CMAKE)

Visit the Examples section of the C++ Reference Manual to get the list of the demos and to see the associated screenshots.